Arena Geometry
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Dressage Arena Lines

There are several "lines" in the arena that we've given special names. These apply to both the large and small arenas.

Centerline: The is the long-axis line exactly down the center of the arena, from A to C. This is the line on which you enter and finish your dressage tests, so it's a good idea to practice riding them a LOT!

Quarterlines: These lines run parallel to the centerline on either side, exactly half-way between the centerline and the wall (rail).

Centerline, quarterlines

* * *


Diagonals: We categorize diagonals, which are used to change direction in the arena, into "long" diagonals and "short" diagonals.

Long diagonals run from one corner letter to the diagonally opposite corner. We refer to long diagonals by naming the corner letters and including X as well. So you might ride across the MXK diagonal or the FXH diagonal.

Short diagonals run from a corner letter to the opposite middle letter, or vice versa, or -- just to keep things interesting, in the large arena from S-P or P-S, V-R or R-V.

Arena map -- diagonals

* * *


Midline: This is a less-often used term for the line from E-B.


Dressage arena diagrams

Dressage arena "map"

Circle points

20 meter circles

15 meter circles

10 meter circles


Corners and half-circles

Okay, so just how accurate do I have to be?