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Circle Points

One of the first ring figures you'll run into in dressage competition, and in schooling, is the 20 meter circle. 20 meters is the width of the dressage arena, so how hard can they be?

Simple (says no one ever who's tried to ride an accurate circle)!

How do you ride a 20 meter circle in an arena that has letters based on 6-meter increments? You find circle points. These are points (imaginary or marked) that are laid out every 10 meters down the length of the arena.

Those little orange dots on the diagram below denote the circle points. You should become particularly familiar with the ones that are on the centerline, 10 meters on either side of X (or 2 meters from I and L). You'll be using those a lot, in your 20 meter circles, and serpentines, and short diagonals, etc.

Circle points


Here's a quick demonstration of the value of circle points, although you'll see a lot more once you go through the individual ring figures (20m circles, 15m circles, etc.). Note how a 20 meter circle performed at E or B touches the circle points at E, B, and the ones 2 meters to the inside of I and L. Like I said earlier, get used to finding those two circle points!

Circle points demo

Dressage arena diagrams

Dressage arena "map"

Circle points

20 meter circles

15 meter circles

10 meter circles


Corners and half-circles

Okay, so just how accurate do I have to be?