Difficult and safe is always better than easy and dangerous

Safe stirrup adjusting

This is the safe way to adjust your stirrups once you’re mounted: with your foot remaining in the stirrup, and one hand on the reins.

Maybe it’s my background in Pony Club, or maybe because I just hate the thought of rushing a broken rider to the nearest emergency room, but I cringe whenever I see someone adjust their stirrups in an unsafe manner.

There’s a good (meaning safe) way to adjust your stirrups once mounted. It takes a little practice, but don’t all good skills require some amount of repetition to become more reflexive?

I’ve made a web page for my William Woods dressage riders to show them the way I want them to adjust their stirrups once mounted. You might consider trying it, if you don’t already do it this way — and if you’re a Pony Clubber, you’d better be doing it this way!

Check out the page at my ShortenYourReins.com website, at http://www.shortenyourreins.com/wwu/stirrups.html.

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