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Difficult and safe is always better than easy and dangerous

Maybe it’s my background in Pony Club, or maybe because I just hate the thought of rushing a broken rider to the nearest emergency room, but I cringe whenever I see someone adjust their stirrups in an unsafe manner. There’s a … Continue reading

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Remember, your horse likes to find things on which to injure himself

The headline of this post might be rather long, but the sentiment is something you should remind yourself of daily. It’s your job, as a careful horse person, to think about all the myriad ways your horse can injure himself, … Continue reading

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A leg up on leg protection

I’m working on finishing the iBook on bandaging that I developed for the capstone of my Master’s Degree in Education, Teaching and Technology. It’s pretty cool, if I do humble-brag so myself. But until it’s available, I wanted my WWU dressage … Continue reading

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WEG Winner

Here’s the video of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro winning the musical freestyle (after already having topped the team and individual tests!) at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France. Go Blueberry!

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Professor Sport

Here’s an early-semester sight that always warms my heart: a group of “keepers” organizing, cleaning and labeling grooming equipment for the horses in their charge. That’s Professor Sport (Lamborghini) supervising the work. Sport’s a 27-year-old Trakehner gelding who’s been at … Continue reading

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How to hold the reins

One of my biggest rider position pet peeves is open fingers. Open fingers are a misguided attempt to be “soft” on the horse’s mouth, but when riders open their fingers they remove responsibility of suppleness from the rest of the arm. … Continue reading

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Before you get on

There’s so much more to riding than just sitting atop a horse. Your pre-ride preparation and care of the horse can make all the difference to your ride, and it demonstrates your compassion for your horsey partner. Check out this … Continue reading

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WWU Dressage classes: what to wear

Here’s a web page I whipped up to help WWU Dressage riders (especially those new to the program, but it doesn’t hurt returning students to do a quick review!) know the appropriate attire for applied riding classes. Check it out … Continue reading

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Oh, blog. I’ve been neglecting you.

No more neglect. I’m going to use the blog to supplement my teaching, so WWU dressage riders, bookmark this page! Until then, enjoy this delightful video of a group of very friendly — and somewhat gassy — horses snoozing. There … Continue reading

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Educational opportunities love/hate

I am an educator, and so am thrilled when my students have an opportunity to experience new things that will benefit their futures in the horse industry. On the other hand, I hate it when a horse injury is that … Continue reading

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