Digital Video in the Riding Arena

Final Project
EDU 500: Current Issues, Summer Term I, 2013
William Woods University

Karen Pautz,


Note: I chose to do a presentation rather than a paper for the EDU final project. I learned a whole lot about the finer points of PowerPoint 2013 in the process.

The intended audience is professional dressage instructors. The PowerPoint is designed as a stand-alone presentation (no narration needed) to be played on a personal computer or at a touch-screen kiosk.

Because the PowerPoint contains numerous digital videos -- after all, the project is about digital video! -- the file size became too large for easy display across the web. Therefore, for ease of download, I've broken the file into four parts. I apologize for the disruption of viewing while the next portion downloads!

PowerPoint Presentation (Opens files for viewing/editing. Select "slideshow" from the menu to view.)

  • Part 1 (27 MB) Please be patient while these files download. Be really patient!
  • Part 2 (54 MB)
  • Part 3 (44 MB)
  • Part 4 (38 MB)

PDF Presentation (This one’s not nearly as fun. It’s a non-animated version of the presentation with no mouse-over animations or video clips available.)