Karen Pautz
EDU 561: Instructional Design with Technology

Week 2: Rigor/Relevance and Grappling’s Framework Scenario Assignment

The following scenarios are analyzed for their adherence to Grappling's Technology and Learning Spectrum, and tothe International Center for Leadership in Education's Rigor/Relevance chart. Bear in mind, please, that these scenarios are brief and incomplete, and open to conjecture. . . .

Scenario 1: High School Social Studies Teacher

Scenario 2: 8th Grade Science Teacher

Scenario 3: 2nd Grade Teacher

Scenario 4: High School English Teacher

Scenario 5: 5th Grade Teacher

Scenario 6: 11th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Scenario 7: 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Scenario 8: 8th Grade Math Teacher

Scenario 9: 8th Grade Science Teacher

Scenario 10: 4th Grade Teacher