Karen Pautz
Spring 2014
Master's of Teaching and Technology, William Woods University

EDU 561: Instructional Design with Technology

Week 4 Assignment: Instructional Design "Paper" #1


Well that was fun!

I wanted to do a tutorial for this assignment – as always I'm grateful for the opportunity to step merrily outside the box of "4 to 7 page papers!" After much pondering, and because I'm a big fan of the "Minute Physics" videos, I decided to try my hand at whiteboard animation.

Now, let me admit right here that I have no artistic abilities, and thought I would have to draw my own animations. I had no idea how whiteboard animations worked, but some focused Google searches led me to a highly-rated web application called Sparkol VideoScribe. I purchased a one-month "Pro" version to have full access to all tools and libraries.

I had a vague idea of the video I wanted to make, but I built it on the fly to fit the options and limitations of VideoScribe and my own abilities.

My less-than-3-minute video took about 10 hours to build, but that includes breaks for meals and for lavishing attention on the cats.

I wish I had a better microphone.