Karen Pautz
Master's of Teaching and Technology, William Woods University
EDU 561: Instructional Design with Technology
Week 5 Instructional Design "Paper" 2, Feb. 16, 2014

Tools for ASSURE

It's another VideoScribe whiteboard animation -- I paid for the month's full subscription, and wanted to get the full value! But I wanted to expand a little for this experime. . .er, assignment.

I didn't have a whole lot of luck. Zentation, an online app that syncs your YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation, is an option, but the PowerPoint portion of the Zentation isn't click-able. I also looked at Projeqt (love that Web 2.0 spelling!) and can see uses for the non-linear presentation capabilities of the tool, but I didn't think it was going to work for this assignment.

So I decided to go with VideoScribe again, but then annotate the video once I uploaded it to YouTube -- which was WAY more complicated than I had anticipated, and an imperfect system! You can also find the links by going directly to the website here.



Oh, also! A while back, my laptop took a big crash, and I was able to recover everything except my personal copy of Photoshop. Tragedy! I can access my work copy of Photoshop at the office, or even through my VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) when I'm working off-campus, but things move pretty slowly with the VDI. So I decided to give GIMP a shot. There's definitely a learning curve!

I still wish I had a better microphone.