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Lateral Work Drag-and-Drop Game

EDU 563 Week 3 comprehensive assignment

Completed phases:

  • Phase 1: Develop graphics and layout
  • Phase 2: Code game for targeted drag and drop
  • Phase 3: Reset button (currently, once graphics reach correct target, they are no longer movable) Accomplished, in a cheater sort of way.

Next phases, if I can figure it how to do it:

  • Phase 4: Make the game stage a little more intuitive and graphically interesting. For that, I'll need to step away from the game for a day or so. I'm too close to it to "see" what needs fixing.
  • Phase 5: Add audio feedback (a "chime" sound when graphic reaches correct target, a "sad trombone" sound for incorrect)
  • Phase 6: Add visual feeback (a checkmark, maybe, or a running checklist along the side of the window)

Before you start

"Inside" vs. "Outside"

Direction of bend

Lateral work chart

Turn on the forehand

Leg Yield
 Leg yield parallel
 Leg yield head to wall
 How to ride

Shoulder in



Half pass


Pronunciation 101

Lateral work game


You need Flash to play the game. Sorry, iPad users!

Using the knowledge you've developed from the lateral work chart, can you categorize each lateral movement by the direction of bend, and identify each movement without its label?

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