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Leg yield head-to-the-wall

Leg yield head to wallAlthough this particular form of leg yield is not called for in USEF tests, it can be a useful -- and sometimes simpler -- variation of the standard parallel-to-the-wall leg yield.

Head-to-the-wall leg yields help for those horses who want to run through the rider's hands instead of moving sideways. It's not a good idea for those few horses, however, who sulk, stick, or run backwards in response to the rider's leg aids. Those horses will take the rail as an excuse to misbehave.

The aids for head-to-the-wall leg yield are the same as those for parallel-to-the-wall leg yield. However, beginning leg-yield riders might be able to get a greater sense of use of the outside rein in head-to-the-wall, because the outside rein must be used clearly to keep the horse angled toward the wall.

Follow this link for a discussion of the terms "inside" and "outside."

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